About Us

REACH operates as an umbrella organization for two projects with separate, but intertwined, missions. These projects, REACH Missions and REACH Community Development, spring from the same set of values, work together and inform each other.


  • Dignity – We believe that all people have value and are worthy of respect.
  • Responsibility – We believe that all people have a responsibility to use their assets for each other.
  • Service – We believe that you experience joy when engaging in selfless acts.

REACH Missions


Mission: We provide opportunities for groups and individuals to be in service to the Roanoke community, so that they recognize their assets and discover the joy of using them for others.

Vision: We want to see a world where all people know their assets and freely give of them.

REACH Community Development


Mission: We encourage the people of Southeast Roanoke to connect and engage with each other through the use of their assets in order to ensure a thriving community.

Vision: We want to see Southeast Roanoke be a place where the community serves the people and the people serve each other.