Mission & Goals

Our mission is to Reach Together with the people of Roanoke to restore hope, alleviate loneliness and empower individuals by bringing folks together to transform homes, lives and entire communities.

REACH’s vision is that the world will become a place where “Here are my hands, what can I do to help” will become a way of living not just a solitary action.

Who we are: REACH is a non profit involved in Sustainable Community Development in Roanoke, VA.

What we do: We connect and engage individuals in positive service experiences where they discover local assets and begin to use them to transform their own communities.

How we do it: We bring volunteers in from all over the country and partner with local non profits, community groups, churches, businesses, associations, city officials & individuals to work toward creating a thriving community.

But more important is the Why we do it.
We believe that everyone has the ability and desire to transform their own lives – that the only sustainable change that occurs in communities has to involve the community members using assets readily available to them and that everyone wants to live in a thriving community.

And the number one asset everyone has is the joy they get from selfless acts of service to others!

We are passionate about teaching a life of service to others, both to our volunteers and to the communities we serve, and in working collaboratively as a way to build healthy individuals and thereby stronger communities.

At REACH, we don’t begin to think we can end the physical troubles. What we can do, is restore hope for a better tomorrow, demonstrate that you are not in it alone and empower you to carry on. We believe that actions speak louder than words and that there is nothing more fulfilling or contagious than the act of doing for someone else.

Brief History
2016 was our sixth year of service in Roanoke and it was incredible. During the summer Youth Mission season, over 8000 hours of service to the local community were performed. Add to this the number of hours local homeowners and volunteers have been inspired to contribute both during and after these groups have left and the number is staggering. We remain open to new opportunities and possibilities. And are thankful for the community that has embraced us and the people with which we have been privileged to serve.

REACH’s 9 Areas of Service

  1. Substandard Housing
  2. Homelessness
  3. Hunger
  4. Environmental Impact
  5. Animal Care
  6. At Risk Youth/Children
  7. Older Adult Care
  8. Volunteerism
  9. Assimilation of Immigrants