Want to Help REACH with a financial donation?




REACH has needs beyond physical labor and gratefully accepts monetary donations.  We will be happy to follow up with you to tell you how your donation was used if you’d like.

REACH is a IRS-recognized charity. Donations are tax-exempt to the fullest extent allowed under the law.

What We Need Your Donation For


$             19.77 5 gallon Water Cooler
$             35.81 First Aid Kit
$             36.10 Food for One Person for a Week
$             50.00 YMCA Membership for Intern
$             85.60 Tshirts for a Team (10)
$             300.00 One Volunteer for a Week
$             400.00 Home Repair
$             418.54 Team Tools
$         1,000.00 Intern for a Summer
$         5,000.00 Used Truck