Internships with REACH

We have summer intern positions with responsibilities for programming, food service, counseling, administration, music, activities, marketing, team leadership, home repair…

By definition:  An intern is one who works in a  temporary position with an emphasis in on-the-job training; sort of a short version of an apprenticeship. We take this very seriously.

We consider ourselves a teaching facility and put our time and energy into our interns and their personal experiences. We try to have a team of two to three mentors for each intern, who will “guide” them through their responsibilities.

Where possible, we have teamed up with local professionals who specialize in each “area of responsibility.” Interns are encouraged to interpret (and even challenge) their job descriptions, adapt their skills, try new approaches, incorporate the knowledge of others, learn new skills…to think (what a novel approach). Our desire is to stretch our interns not only mentally, but physically and spiritually as well.

Our interns arrive in late May and work through early August (May 26th – Aug 13 2018).  Room and board (at First Christian Church) is provided along with a membership at the local YMCA.  Each intern is given a base honorarium and aid in securing additional funding.

In the past, several of our interns have received credit through their colleges and universities.  We welcome the collaboration and will do our part to help make this happen.

If you are interested, complete the application HERE at your earliest convenience.


This is a program whereby we invite high school juniors and seniors to come and be an active part of the REACH experience:  Each junior intern will be guided to a ministry experience that best fits their unique talents and interests.

Each Jr. Intern serves for one week.  If interested, download the application HERE and get it back to us as soon as you can.  (Make sure to mark the weeks you are available to attend REACH.)



Email REACH’s Executive Director, Tim Dayton, at

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