REACH Youth Missions

Are you interested in learning the joy of service? Do you want to share your time, energy and talents with those in need?

We provide opportunities for groups and individuals to be in service to the Roanoke community, where they will begin to recognize their assets and discover the joy of using them for others.

Our mission is to go into the neighborhoods and to connect and engage individuals in positive service experiences where they will discover and then use their assets to transform their neighborhoods into thriving communities.

We want to see a world where all people know their assets and freely give of them to serve others.

We rate everything you do against these values before even starting to fulfill our mission

  1. Safety- Is it safe?
  2. Relationships- Will the activity “further” our existing and future relationships
  3. Servant Leadership- It this activity “serving” someone else?

Our Organization’s Goals are threefold

  1. To create a thriving community Community/Clients
  2. To foster a life of serving others REACHers (discover the joy)
  3. To teach servant leadership & ABCD Staff/Interns (ACTs 2 community)

First, for the clients/community we work with:

  • To bring communities together (neighborhoods, REACH participants and interested city residents) through meals, events and activities. (Social interaction)*
  • To create a positive atmosphere of cooperation and collaboration (Welcoming/Open)*
    To connect and engage neighbors, community groups, non-profits, businesses through service to their neighborhoods (pretty surroundings)*
  • To provide an environment where home repair skills can be learned and practiced.
  • To restore hope and empower individuals to transform their own lives and communities (strong pride / positive outlook / perfect place)*

(* Soul of the Community – Knight Foundation )

Second, for the individuals participating in our service projects (REACHers)
• To involve them in a week of service to others
• To show them there are numerous ways to serve others
• To help them discover the joy that comes from serving others (selflessly)
• To show them that they can (are) make (making) a difference
• To help them understand how difficult it is to ask for and accept help and the importance of being able to do so
• To encourage and empower individuals to live a life of service to others
• To bring people of diverse economic and social backgrounds together

Third, for the staff/interns (leading the camp):

  • To teach Servant Leadership
  • Create an ACTs II Environment
  • To challenge their understanding of the world and their place in it
  • To stretch them beyond their perceived limitations
  • To foster the idea that they can make a difference