REACH Welcomes Latest Nominees to the “Order of REACH”

In 2013, REACH started the Order of REACH as a way to recognize individuals whose actions as well as their words demonstrated a unique appreciation and acceptance of our vision, mission and goals for SE Roanoke and the community at large. To be eligible, these individuals must have attended at least two of REACH summer

What’s Your Connection?

At our last block party at the Salvation Army, I had the opportunity to ask neighbors about who they were, what types of things they enjoyed doing, and what kinds of events they liked having in their neighborhood. Many people mentioned that they really enjoyed the block parties and would like to have more in

What’s in a Block Party?

This past Tuesday, REACH partnered with the Salvation Army, Camping World, and the Belmont Neighborhood Association in hosting a block party for the Southeast Roanoke area. During the past week, you may have seen “REACHers” (youth volunteers who have come to Roanoke for a summer week to learn about the joy of service) passing out

Asset Based Community Development

Last week Blanca, our AmeriCorps VISTA, informed the blogosphere of the wonderful partnership we share with Rebuilding Together. This is a wonderful segue into talking more about the theory of REACH and the kind of work we do. As an organization, REACH relies on an approach known as “Asset Based Community Development” or ABCD.  Within

Rebuilding Together Roanoke – More than just our community partner . . .

During the short time I have been an AmeriCorps VISTA with REACH there has been a number of things I have learned about this organization and non-profits as a whole. One of the major assets that can contribute to any non-profit’s success is the ability to have strong partnerships with other organizations working towards a

It is expensive to be poor!

Did you ever wish you had done something but you never seemed to make the time to get it done? For years I have wanted to write about the inequities sustained by folks just because they don’t have “enough” money.  Not the obvious ones like not having enough money to purchase the things you see

What Comes to Mind When You Hear the Word REACH?

What comes to mind when we hear the word “REACH”? It could mean a variety of things, including to establish communication, to arrive at a place or a goal, to stretch as in order to touch or meet, to extend as in to greet, and that’s just to name a few! At REACH in Roanoke,